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Paintings of Old Sailing Ships

U.S. Revenue Cutter Louisiana "United States Revenue Cutter Louisiana"
oil on canvas,
30" x 40",
collection of
Mr. Anthony Fernandez.
This engagement between the Revenue Cutter Louisiana and two British Privateers, off of the mouth of the Mississippi River in 1805, was the first occasion for the United States to defend the territorial waters of Louisiana, following the Louisiana purchase.

"Tea Clippers"
acrylic on canvas, 20" x 16"
Tea Clippers
These fast sailing ships, with thousands of yards of sail, would often compete for record crossing times when bringing cargo to and from the Far East. They were far more beautiful than the smoke belching cargo ships of today.

Ahead Of The Squall "Ahead Of The Squall"
acrylic on canvas, 20" x 16",
collection of Mr. Harold Bosworth.
Weather was not always the sailor's friend. There were times when they were caught in vicious storms, and required the total effort of all on board to keep the ship afloat. The best tactic was to outrun bad weather.

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