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Fine Art Prints of selected paintings

All fine art prints were destroyed by hurricane Katrina.
There are none available for sale.

"Houmas House"
limited edition of 1,300
11" x 13.75" image,
12.75" x 16.25" overall.

$25.00 (S/N)

None Available

Houmas House Antebellum Plantation Home
Houmas House, just south of Baton Rouge, LA, is an example of the classic antebellum plantation home. It is open to the public, and is visited by thousands every year.


U.S. Revenue Cutter Louisiana "United States Revenue Cutter Louisiana"
18.75" x 25.5" image,
24" x 28" overall
Copyright owned by Anthony Fernandez

  $75.00 Signed
None Available

This engagement between the Revenue Cutter Louisiana and two British Privateers, off of the mouth of the Mississippi River in 1805, was the first occasion for the United States to defend the territorial waters of Louisiana, following the Louisiana purchase. This reproduction is an open edition.

"The Shadows on
Bayou Teche"

limited edition of 250
11" x 13.75" image,
12" x 15.75" overall.

$25.00 (S/N)
None Available

The Shadows on Bayou Teche
The "Shadows" is located in the middle of New Iberia, LA, and the rear of the property extends to Bayou Teche, which is lined with cypress trees. It is open to the public.

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